Why Are You Really Still Working?

Why Are You Really Still Working?

Back in August we dedicated our blog posts to the theme of re-envisioning retirement as an opportunity to re-invent one’s life. Forbes is weighing in on the subject matter of why people who are nearing retirement age continue to work.

While there are a variety of valid reasons, some of the more financially themed ones may be in need of an up-to-date review to determine if there is an opportunity, now or in the closer than expected future, to begin to reduce the number of hours worked each week. Other more philosophical and personal reasons for putting-off retirement can often be linked to the desire to hold onto one of the primary sources of purpose in our lives.

In either case an “Encore Career” presents an opportunity to re-imagine, on your own terms, how you spend you work week – The number of hours that would be ideal for you and the type of work that is meaningful to you, or at the very least an enjoyable way to spend a bit of your week engaging in the communities of your choosing.

Retirement shouldn’t feel like a scary transition. It truly should be an exciting opportunity to consider more options than you may have realized you have and a valuable opportunity to re-invent life on your terms!

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