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An Alternative View

For years, you’ve dined on meat and potatoes; sturdy fare that’s given you the strength and endurance you’ve needed. Now, however, while the prime cuts of meat still deliver, the

Ukraine Invasion: Where do Investors Stand?

Vladimir Putin is not the first Russian dictator to send chills down the spine. A trawl through the quotes of his predecessors reveals often terrifying ideological one-liners, including Lenin’s prescient, “Sometimes, history needs a push.”

Take it to the Tax: Tips and Strategies

There is nothing certain in life except death...but at least when it comes to filing your yearly CRA return, investors can claim a modicum of control.

Taming, Not Timing, the Markets

During long periods when markets remain calm, many retail investors are lulled by the slow and steady upward movement in the value of their portfolios. These are the times when the adage, “time in the market, not market timing, determines performance”, that seems to ring true. However, when volatility rises, often these same investors turn away from “buy-and-hold” and become interested in market timing.

The Differences & Benefits of Working with an Independent Portfolio Manager vs Financial Advisor

Most Canadians will have weighed up the advantages of using an advisor at some point in their lives. But with more and more options open to the DIY investor, the question of whether to use a professional is one many people don’t fully understand. 

Understanding Volatility

If you’ve ever paddled a canoe on a calm lake only to get caught in a sudden squall of rough waves, then you’ve experienced volatility. When it comes to investing, volatility occurs when a “storm” develops rapidly and sends prices shooting up or down in a dramatic fashion.


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