The Wealth Protection Approach

The real challenge for anyone who has achieved wealth is to keep it – to make wealth sustainable. That’s why we use active risk management strategies in each client’s portfolio.

Your money’s biggest enemies are inflation, taxation, and currency devaluation. The minimum goal of any investment portfolio should be to offset these silent killers of wealth, growing the capital as opportunities present themselves. Additionally, a sound investment approach should protect your money from market risk (volatility). Our wealth protection service is designed to do just that - geared toward protecting wealth through active management, as opposed to buying and holding investments where you experience the full risk of market volatility.

Keep your Money Safe

Trust is paramount when it comes to your life’s savings. You can never be too
careful when ensuring your money is safe.

At ETF Capital Management, accounts remain in your name at National Bank and are insured by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). ETF Capital Management does not take possession of your securities or handle any cash. There is no lock-up or minimum holding period, and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

Governed by the Highest Level of Regulatory Oversight

Most of the best-known Canadian advice and wealth management providers belong to self-regulatory associations, where compliance (looking after the best interests of the Client) is the responsibility of internal departments. One has to wonder if a conflict of interest exists when senior management – whose bonuses depend on maximum profitability - must decide if a line has been crossed.

If there were a totem pole of regulatory requirements in the investment industry, Portfolio Managers such ETF Capital Management are held to the highest standard. As a Portfolio Manager we are a registrant of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), and we have a true fiduciary responsibility to always act in your best interests. 

We must avoid conflicts of interest, and meet stringent financial reporting, capital, and insurance requirements to further protect your investments. This is a regular part of our world as a Portfolio Manager.

See How your Investments are Doing at All Times

Independent and objective reporting are the cornerstones of safeguarding your money. You will have online access to your accounts to monitor your portfolio, and National Bank will send you monthly custody account statements and tax reports.

We will review your account with you periodically and send you enhanced quarterly performance reports with detailed analysis and benchmarking As a client, you also enjoy access to our firm’s research services which will keep you attuned to our portfolio team’s strategic thinking and market outlook.
Know Your Money is Safe

Your hard earned assets are safe with ETF Capital Management. We employ National Bank Correspondent Network as a fully independent custodian.

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