About Our Clients
The select Individuals we represent have highly individualized needs, requiring custom tailored wealth protection services that are delivered in a straightforward manner.
Our clients tend to be successful people such as entrepreneurs, senior executives, and professionals in the medical, legal, finance, and sports & entertainment industries. Many are actively involved in their communities through philanthropy, teaching, mentoring, and volunteering. They have a strong sense of personal fulfilment, a long-term perspective, a positive outlook on life, and see challenges as opportunities--not obstacles. Their time is incredibly valuable, and their affairs are often complex.

Investment Minimum
Our investment minimum for our Portfolio Management services is $500,000.

Are we the right “fit” for your portfolio?
Our services are not intended to help people meet unrealistic investment goals. Our conservative approach to risk management is geared toward wealth protection. Its purpose is to preserve the purchasing power of client capital against the forces of inflation, taxation, and currency devaluation to allow our clients to maintain their lifestyle and foster the wellbeing of the next generation.

We realize that not all investors are in a position to allocate $500,000 or more to our firm. Since our mission is to be as inclusive as possible, we would like to direct you to two resources on alternative investment management. You may choose to hire an adviser, broker, or investment counsel, or you may choose to become a self-directed investor. Click the links below to learn about these options:

Read The Perfect Fit, by David Aston, which reviews the Canadian investment services landscape in a fair and objective manner.

New Clients

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