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    Next Meaningful Technical Resistance Closer to 2000 and 2007 Highs

    Posted by nospam@noemail.com (Larry Berman) on 
    The Fed did surprise us yesterday and given the failure of the market to sell the news, it was clear we were not alone. The market closed above the upper resistance line we highlighted as the point those looking to sell should do so. The line held at 12:32, 12:42, and again at 1:00, but by 1:20 it had made a fourth attempt and never looked back. The market loves liquidity and the Fed's goal here is to help the recovery, so at this point there is no meaningful technical resistance until we get closer the 2000 and 2007 highs around 1553-1576. While that does not mean we get there in a straight line, the 2010 QE2 announcement rallied right to the mid-term elections and had a two week pullback followed by another 10 weeks of rally without more than a 2% correction. While it probably does not trade the exact same way this time, that is the roadmap that most eyes will be focused on. At this point pullbacks should not fall below 1425.
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