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  • A FRESH APPROACH TO INVESTING A FRESH APPROACH TO INVESTING Welcome to ETF Capital Management. Founded by Larry Berman as a Client-friendly alternative to the mainstream wealth management options. We invite you to explore our site and learn about the difference we can make for your investing.
  • <<a class="mainLink" href="http://etfcm.com/investor-education/larry-berman-speaking-tour" target="_blank">A FRESH APPROACH TO INVESTINGAS SEEN ON BNN - REGISTER FOR LARRY BERMAN'S WINTER/SPRING 2014 SPEAKING TOURWe believe in empowering investors, and that starts with education. Click here for free registration for Larry's latest speaking tour!
  • A FRESH APPROACH TO INVESTING CUSTOM PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT TAILORED TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS We offer discretionary portfolio management practiced by accredited professionals, best suited to those looking for more than mass market financial services.
  • A FRESH APPROACH TO INVESTING THE INDEPENDENT INVESTOR INSTITUTE If you are going to do your own investing, there are no shortcuts to success. Invest in your skills and knowledge and develop a plan to manage risk and achieve your investing goals.
  • A FRESH APPROACH TO INVESTING LARRY BERMAN'S TECHNICAL ANALYSIS RESEARCH There are no shortcuts to success in the markets, but we can help you be more efficient with your time and show you where to focus. From Technical Analysis, to Exchange Traded Funds, we have research reports that can help!


Follow our perspective on the global macro factors, economics, politics and human psychology that drive markets.

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